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About the Practitioner

Brian has received referrals from DC’s, DO’s and MD’s on difficult trauma related pain, and movement related pain cases since 1994. He specializes in Medical Massage protocol application and has trained in Swedish, Positional Release, Strain-Counterstrain, Myofascial, Medical Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, NMT, and Structural Integration. He received his BS from UCF in 1990 and when on to post graduate work at USF in Tampa until 1993. He attended Reese Institute in 1993 receiving his LMT license in early 1994. His work history includes working in Chiropractic offices, running the clinical practice, and working in various locations within the Day Spa arena. He has taught massage modalities in public & private schools since 1998.  

His treatments include a lot of information and explanation. He works with his patients to their level of tolerance getting great results while keeping the patient involved.  Brian is currently a member of Central Florida Soccer League.  MA17222


Adele graduated the Wood Hygienic Institute and has been a therapist since 1995. Her focus is being a more wellness oriented therapist. Her smooth touch settles the type “A” person helping them to relax and rejuvenate. She practices the valuable soft handed approach to dysfunctions such as lymphatic drainage, Cranial/Sacral, Swedish, Medicupping, and Pregnancy massage techniques.   She has also taught Massage Therapy at a nationally accredited school.

Adele understands athletes and performance because she was a Varsity Volleyball player. She completed 10 years working in customer service at a Walt Disney 5 star resort and attended Valencia Community College before starting a family in 1995. She is now a member of the FSMTA and ABMP which are highly respected professional organizations. Currently 1st Vice President of Heart of Florida FSMTA Chapter  MA21436

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